How to Prepare for End of Tenancy Cleaning London Services

If you are planning to move out, one of the conditions to getting your deposit back is leaving the house in a state that is close to how you found it. You could opt to do this cleaning DIY but the chores would probably overwhelm you even with the family helping out. Doing the job in a cursory manner is likely to lead to a dispute with the landlord. The best way to have the job done right the first time is by engaging a professional cleaning service. If you engage a professional end of tenancy cleaning London service by Citi Clean you have to prepare in several ways so that the cleaning service can do the job without fuss.

Plan on the day and time

The cleaners have to access the house to do the cleaning. Agree on the date and time that the cleaning crew will be on site so that they are not stranded.

Have a scope of work

Agree on a scope of work. This will detail the tasks that the cleaning crew is coming to handle. It is advisable that this is written down and clearly agreed on so that there are no disputes over unfinished work.

Have clear off-limits

Different cleaning services will have different tasks that they will consider off-limits. This could be for example handling human waste, or moving very heavy items. It is good to get clarification on what is off-limits to avoid disputes over unfinished work that the cleaning service considers finished.

Do some tidying up

If your house looks like it has experienced a disaster, the cleaning crew could be heavily biased and do the cleaning with a heavy heart. Do basic tidying up like picking up dirty underwear or scraping pet waste off the floor. The cleaning crew will return the favor by doing the ‘light work’ with more motivation.

Children and pets

Sometimes the end of tenancy cleaning will be done before you fully move out. If this is the case, you have to arrange for the children and pets to keep out of the way of the cleaning crew. This is convenient for the cleaning crew. It is also safer for the children and pets. Cleaning comes with risks like items dropping and slippery floors. The dust coming from the cleaning can also be a problem for children with respiratory ailments. Keeping away the children avoids these health risks. It also avoids agitating the pets.

Preparing well for end of tenancy cleaning is beneficial for everyone involved. You get a clean house while the cleaning crew does the job in an easier fashion.