Why go the Freelance Design Route?

What is better than getting paid for your creativity at your own timing? Freelance design is one of the few jobs where making money is only limited by your own imagination.  With the boom in internet outsourcing, a good designer is never short of work. There are hundreds of clients willing to pay good money every day on freelancing sites like Upwork or Freelancer.

There are big advantages in flexibility that come with being a freelancer.  You should consider freelance design as the best path in your design career for these reasons.

Better Creativity

Your client will just provide an idea and you have the task of filling it up. Your creativity will be stretched in different ways making you better in solving problems. As a designer, you will experiment with different concepts, which improves your design skills over time.

Career direction

In freelancing, you have the freedom to choose what you want to work on and what direction your design career will take. If designing for entertainment does not work, you can move on to designing for education or health. The path is open in all directions.


You are your own boss. If you feel like working for one week and going off for two weeks, no one bothers you. You can work all-nighters when your energy and creativity levels are high, and sleep for the next 3 days.

However, there is stiff competition in the freelance industry. For you to earn top dollars, you have to make a name among the thousands of designers pitching their ideas and concepts. How can you get over them?

Great portfolio

Your potential clients are looking for a designer with something extra. Show you have it with an amazing portfolio. This is your CV. With a great portfolio, even a newbie designer is on the same level with more experienced hands.


Very often, your clients will have a very hazy idea of what they want. You will need to match your concept to this unclear need. If a company needs a logo, do some research before making a pitch. Look at the history and corporate culture of the company. Look at the image they try to project in the market and  the type of industry they are in. only then can you sync your idea with the vague idea of the company.


As a starter, you will have to compensate for your lack of experience. This can only be done by working on as many designs as you can. You could charge lower to attract customers. Better yet, make unsolicited designs and keep them in your profile.

A freelance design career offers the independence to head in whatever direction you want.  Only your imagination can limit you.