Why You Need to Support the Arts and Museums

Supporting the arts is not only for the moneyed. As a lover of art, it is your noble duty to support the arts and the places that showcase works of art mainly museums.  Your support for a struggling artist or museum could make a big difference in keeping beautiful work alive for another generation to see. There are many reasons why you should feel good supporting the arts and the local museum.

Better societies

A study done by the University of Pennsylvania found that cities with a big concentration of arts and museums have better social metrics. They have better social cohesion, lower levels of poverty and better child welfare. There is a higher engagement by residents in civic matters. An artistic culture also keeps young people away from low value entertainment like tabloids or video games.

Promote creativity

A vibrant arts scene is a catalyst for artistic creativity and innovation. Higher creativity levels in the community leads to innovation even in other areas outside of the arts. Creativity is highly sought after by employers.  Higher creativity promotes better content in creative writing, dance, drawings and music.

Healing power

Studies show that having works of art in a room promotes faster healing in hospital patients. These patients have shorter stays and manage pain better with less medication.  Museums provide places of solace in bustling cities which is a huge mental relief for the stressed.

Promote human values

The arts are as old as mankind. Works of art have been found in ancient caves dating back over 30,000 years ago and more. Arts have had a big influence on humanity all over the world.  Values of beauty, creativity and goodness are expressed though art. Arts help bridges between people of different races, cultures and religion as everyone appreciates beautiful work.

Promote tourism

A good museum will always attract visitors. Museums are some of the most visited spots in different cities drawing in millions of tourists per year. Many intentional tourists will inevitably have a museum visit on their to-do list in a foreign city.

Promote the local economy

There are many people that make a living around arts and museums. A busy museum for example will need a number of curators and other supporting staff. The museum will also attract people aiming to make money off the museum goers for example trinket sellers. A thriving museum will support a vibrant business community around it.

Supporting the arts does not only make you feel good about doing something positive, but it also makes a real impact in the community you live in.