How to Find the Perfect Flatshare Manchester

Manchester Flatshare 

A flatshare makes perfect sense if you are tired of life in the student halls but don’t have the cash to rent an apartment alone. Inversely, it can also land you a flat mate from hell. One of those YOLO people who believe the night is not over till 8 am the next morning.  How can you deal a perfect or near-perfect Flatshare Manchester mate and get your money’s worth for the flatshare experience?

The advert

Be direct about the person you want to share the flat with. If you want a musician to share your frenzies of piano lessons, be open about it. Be honest about yourself too. If you are a raucous person, placing an advert for a ‘cool and collected person’ is just dishonest.

The tour

Potential flatshare mates will want to see what they are getting into. Tidy up the place just to set the standards. If a visitor finds the place in disarray and accepts the flat, be sure that they will set the same standards. You can’t really blame them as you set an example.

On the other hand, it does not pay to be an immaculate saint and give your potential flatshare mates an inflated image, tiptoeing all around you and then surprising them with a riot the first Saturday they move in.

Talk about the money

Money will be most likely the first flashpoint in your relationship with the flatmate. Be very clear about the money; who is paying how much. What does the rent include, water bills, electricity, wifi? Make it clear in the very beginning so that there is no misunderstanding when it is time to pay up. Be clear about the date too.

Ask the right questions

Harmony in a flatshare is only possible if there is compatibility in the flat. You can only find out if you are compatible by asking the right questions.

  • How tidy are you
  • Have you been in a flatshare arrangement before?
  • How many roommates did you have?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • What is your work schedule?
  • Do you have a partner, and if yes will they be spending over, and how frequently?
  • Will you be having friends over and how often?
  • What is your entertainment like, loud music, and loud movies?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Do you smoke or drink and how often?

Asking the right questions is only the right way you can get the right flatshare mate for a smooth affordable flatshare Manchester experience.


9 Great Tips for Beginner Designers in Web Design

In these days of retina display and 1080 HD, every tiny detail matters in bringing out a stunning design.  If you are designing for a website as a non-professional designer, this can be hard to bring out. The good news is that even designers beginning out can make stunning designs using a few tips for the usual tools in design. You can use a few tricks to make your designs come out great especially for a landing site.

Two font guideline

Using several different fonts can make it a bit difficult to combine them. It is advisable to stick two fonts; one for the body and one for the headlines.  A good guideline for the size is multiplying the body font size 2.5 times to get the size for the headlines.

Two color guideline

A color picker can be very helpful for a beginner to see how different colors come out on the site. It is advisable to use only two colors; one for the page elements, and one for the Call to action.  This brings out better uniformity.

1.6 line height guideline

Typography stretches the imagination of many clients and it is sometimes hard for a beginner to get it right. A height of 1.6 can be uniformly applied to all elements which is also 1.6 for all p elements in css. If you are dealing with printed text, multiply it by 1.6

Column guidelines

Making text more scannable is one way of grabbing the attention of your web visitors. This can be done by limiting text lines to 58 characters. Artistic studies have shown that this is the optimal amount for the human eye to comfortably grasp at one go.

Use hierarchy

Hierarchy is very important in a website. It prioritizes text such that the site visitor sees the most important information first whether in graphics or text. Hierarchy is done in web design by listing all elements in the order of their importance.  The most important elements should be the biggest and most contrasting.

Use of white space

White space is a great design tool when used properly.  It is common for beginners to think that white space is empty space. This is not so. White space should be used judiciously around elements to draw attention or bring visual balance on the page.

Grid payout for photos

When photos in different sizes have to be on the page, it is best when they are placed on a grid for better visual attention.


What you Need to Know About Man and Van London Services

Most people moving a few household or office items will think of a van to do it. There are two options to having a van; hiring a van alone, or hiring a man and van. When engaging a man and van London service, you will be in a more advantageous position seeing as it is that the van will come with a pair of hands very useful in loading and unloading.

A man and van London service overcomes the hidden costs that would come by hiring a van only. These include fuel costs, hiring loading and hoisting equipment, buying moving insurance, storage costs, and labour costs.

How to hire man and van London service

  • Google is your friend. Doing a ‘man and van London service’ search will turn up tens of man and van companies. Look at their sites as well as reputation on different customer review sites. Check if they have a van of the size you need.
  • Ask for price quotes from at least 3 companies. Compare these quotes on price as well as extra services offered for example end of tenancy cleaning. Avoid low bids that are too good to be true. They will be full of hidden costs.

Loading vans come in sizes of small, medium, large, extra-large and Luton with capacities ranging from 99 cubic feet to 670 cubic feet. Remember that the size of the van has a direct bearing on the cost so make your choice carefully.

If you pick a van that has inadequate load space, the consequences would be:

  • You would be forced to make more than I trip which is impossible if you are moving a long distance.
  • You are forced to leave some items behind
  • You are forced to hire an extra vehicle to ferry the items that do not fit, or hire a larger removals truck which would be waste of time and money.

It would be better to err on the side of caution and take a van with a space slightly larger than what you need. This has also risks in that you will be paying for space not in use. There is also the danger of items rattling about the van or toppling over due to the large free play space. However, it easy to secure the items using straps or twine.

If you are not confident of picking the right sized van, ask the Man and Van London company for assistance. They will send someone over to make the assessment.

Tenancy_Cleaning logo

5 Reasons You Should Use End of Tenancy Cleaning

At the end of your current tenancy you will be required to leave the house just as you found it. The landlord uses the moving in inventory report to tick off what should be fixed. If you are looking to get your tenancy deposit back quickly, you should be prepared to do proper end of tenancy cleaning.  Engaging a professional end of tenancy cleaning london is the best option to ensure that a proper job is done. There are good reasons for doing so.

Professional job

A professional cleaning service will do a far better job than you would using a mop and bucket. The house will be cleaned from top to bottom in a fashion that will pass a keen inspection. A cleaning service has all the equipment and tools to do a proper job. This includes hoovers, ladders, and industrial grade bleach. A cleaning service will also have the manpower to do the job in good time.

Save on time

A cleaning service will seek to do the job in good time to collect the pay cheque. The service will do the job in a shorter time than you would have even with the kids helping out.  If you need the job done in one day it will happen as the cleaning service will put more people on the job.

Top to bottom cleaning

Cleaning a big house can be quite hectic. Handling it alone is impossible if you have to shift heavy items such as the sofa. Bulky and heavy items that require special handling will be better off being handled by a cleaning service. The house will be properly cleaned even with the upholstery getting vacuumed.

Better disposal

End of tenancy cleaning is bound to produce a lot of trash and junk. Disposing this can be a headache as you will need to hire a van and get a permit for dumping the waste. A cleaning service will take care of safe disposal saving you this headache.

More safe

There is always the risk of items getting broken or damaged during cleaning. An insured cleaning service guarantees better handling and reduces the risk of losing items during cleaning.

Fewer health risks

A thorough end of tenancy cleaning job will bring you into contact with dust and mould. If there are people in the family with respiratory problems, the dust can trigger allergic reactions. Industrial bleach can also irritate the skin and eyes. Using a cleaning service avoids these health risks.


Why go the Freelance Design Route?

What is better than getting paid for your creativity at your own timing? Freelance design is one of the few jobs where making money is only limited by your own imagination.  With the boom in internet outsourcing, a good designer is never short of work. There are hundreds of clients willing to pay good money every day on freelancing sites like Upwork or Freelancer.

There are big advantages in flexibility that come with being a freelancer.  You should consider freelance design as the best path in your design career for these reasons.

Better Creativity

Your client will just provide an idea and you have the task of filling it up. Your creativity will be stretched in different ways making you better in solving problems. As a designer, you will experiment with different concepts, which improves your design skills over time.

Career direction

In freelancing, you have the freedom to choose what you want to work on and what direction your design career will take. If designing for entertainment does not work, you can move on to designing for education or health. The path is open in all directions.


You are your own boss. If you feel like working for one week and going off for two weeks, no one bothers you. You can work all-nighters when your energy and creativity levels are high, and sleep for the next 3 days.

However, there is stiff competition in the freelance industry. For you to earn top dollars, you have to make a name among the thousands of designers pitching their ideas and concepts. How can you get over them?

Great portfolio

Your potential clients are looking for a designer with something extra. Show you have it with an amazing portfolio. This is your CV. With a great portfolio, even a newbie designer is on the same level with more experienced hands.


Very often, your clients will have a very hazy idea of what they want. You will need to match your concept to this unclear need. If a company needs a logo, do some research before making a pitch. Look at the history and corporate culture of the company. Look at the image they try to project in the market and  the type of industry they are in. only then can you sync your idea with the vague idea of the company.


As a starter, you will have to compensate for your lack of experience. This can only be done by working on as many designs as you can. You could charge lower to attract customers. Better yet, make unsolicited designs and keep them in your profile.

A freelance design career offers the independence to head in whatever direction you want.  Only your imagination can limit you.


How to Prepare for End of Tenancy Cleaning London Services

If you are planning to move out, one of the conditions to getting your deposit back is leaving the house in a state that is close to how you found it. You could opt to do this cleaning DIY but the chores would probably overwhelm you even with the family helping out. Doing the job in a cursory manner is likely to lead to a dispute with the landlord. The best way to have the job done right the first time is by engaging a professional cleaning service. If you engage a professional end of tenancy cleaning London service by Citi Clean you have to prepare in several ways so that the cleaning service can do the job without fuss.

Plan on the day and time

The cleaners have to access the house to do the cleaning. Agree on the date and time that the cleaning crew will be on site so that they are not stranded.

Have a scope of work

Agree on a scope of work. This will detail the tasks that the cleaning crew is coming to handle. It is advisable that this is written down and clearly agreed on so that there are no disputes over unfinished work.

Have clear off-limits

Different cleaning services will have different tasks that they will consider off-limits. This could be for example handling human waste, or moving very heavy items. It is good to get clarification on what is off-limits to avoid disputes over unfinished work that the cleaning service considers finished.

Do some tidying up

If your house looks like it has experienced a disaster, the cleaning crew could be heavily biased and do the cleaning with a heavy heart. Do basic tidying up like picking up dirty underwear or scraping pet waste off the floor. The cleaning crew will return the favor by doing the ‘light work’ with more motivation.

Children and pets

Sometimes the end of tenancy cleaning will be done before you fully move out. If this is the case, you have to arrange for the children and pets to keep out of the way of the cleaning crew. This is convenient for the cleaning crew. It is also safer for the children and pets. Cleaning comes with risks like items dropping and slippery floors. The dust coming from the cleaning can also be a problem for children with respiratory ailments. Keeping away the children avoids these health risks. It also avoids agitating the pets.

Preparing well for end of tenancy cleaning is beneficial for everyone involved. You get a clean house while the cleaning crew does the job in an easier fashion.


Why You Need to Support the Arts and Museums

Supporting the arts is not only for the moneyed. As a lover of art, it is your noble duty to support the arts and the places that showcase works of art mainly museums.  Your support for a struggling artist or museum could make a big difference in keeping beautiful work alive for another generation to see. There are many reasons why you should feel good supporting the arts and the local museum.

Better societies

A study done by the University of Pennsylvania found that cities with a big concentration of arts and museums have better social metrics. They have better social cohesion, lower levels of poverty and better child welfare. There is a higher engagement by residents in civic matters. An artistic culture also keeps young people away from low value entertainment like tabloids or video games.

Promote creativity

A vibrant arts scene is a catalyst for artistic creativity and innovation. Higher creativity levels in the community leads to innovation even in other areas outside of the arts. Creativity is highly sought after by employers.  Higher creativity promotes better content in creative writing, dance, drawings and music.

Healing power

Studies show that having works of art in a room promotes faster healing in hospital patients. These patients have shorter stays and manage pain better with less medication.  Museums provide places of solace in bustling cities which is a huge mental relief for the stressed.

Promote human values

The arts are as old as mankind. Works of art have been found in ancient caves dating back over 30,000 years ago and more. Arts have had a big influence on humanity all over the world.  Values of beauty, creativity and goodness are expressed though art. Arts help bridges between people of different races, cultures and religion as everyone appreciates beautiful work.

Promote tourism

A good museum will always attract visitors. Museums are some of the most visited spots in different cities drawing in millions of tourists per year. Many intentional tourists will inevitably have a museum visit on their to-do list in a foreign city.

Promote the local economy

There are many people that make a living around arts and museums. A busy museum for example will need a number of curators and other supporting staff. The museum will also attract people aiming to make money off the museum goers for example trinket sellers. A thriving museum will support a vibrant business community around it.

Supporting the arts does not only make you feel good about doing something positive, but it also makes a real impact in the community you live in.


Top tips to Sharpen Your Design Skills

Design skills are never acquired overnight. Even individuals with high talent in design were amateurs at one point and perfected their skills by applying and practicing over and over. Design skills are perishable meaning that if you do not practice them, they rust away. If you are just starting out or you are already a designer in need of improving skills, there are some tips that can help you along.

Study design theory and works

This is the first step of your profession. If you are a beginner, you could opt to go the self-teaching route with the use of tutorials and design eBooks. You could also enroll with an online or long-distance program like Udemy. This will help you get the basics like color theory, grid theory, and topography.

As an experienced designer, you can benefit by studying the works of other masters and seeing how they have applied these theories in their works.

A good thing with learning is that it will help you identify good design. From this, you can see what makes it separate from the others and how you can emulate it.

Start a project

If you are learning a new thing, the only way to apply the new skills is by doing. If you are starting on 3D, start a video game project and work on it no matter how badly the first designs come out.


Do not be afraid to experiment with new ideas or tools. The true designer is versatile in using many tools as different tools produce different results for the same task. If you’ve been using a pencil, try out a ball point, or switch over to Illustrator instead of Corel. The experimentation will help you identify what works best with your mode of operation.

Seek feedback

As a designer, you should always accept criticism. Some of it will be unhelpful but you will find loads of constructive criticism too. Do not be afraid to share your designs with other designers. Put them up on Dribble or Facebook and ask for opinions.  Do not let positive feedback carry you away into sticking with monotony.

Work at it

The good thing with design is that you can ditch as many sketches as possible.  Work on different projects stockpiling away whatever you don’t like for a later date. You will have positive inspiration to work on it later.

Teach what you know

Teaching and demonstrating is a good way of applying your design skills.  It will help you discover areas you need to polish on.